Utilitas Limited Initial Public Offer

by / Tuesday, 04 June 2013 / Published in News

Utilitas Limited Initial Public Offer (IPO)

Exchange tenant Utilitas Limited is preparing to list on the SIM-VSE www.simvse.com.au a new equity market board in Sydney focused on venture stage Cleantech and Innovation stocks.

Utilitas turns organic waste into clean energy using a natural process called anaerobic digestion, well proven technology and a smart business model.

Utilitas partners with farmers, food processors, waste managers, and wastewater treatment plant operators to recycle energy from their organic waste streams and cap their increasing power costs.

These kinds of projects have been mainstream in Europe and UK for decades but have not been widely deployed in formally low energy cost countries like Australia but energy prices here are really starting to bite hard now so increasingly owners of organic waste streams are starting to see the “Organic Energy” opportunity.

Utilitas Organic Energy projects can provide electricity for on-site use at between $80-$160MWh (depending on the organic waste type, volume and quality available).

What’s new is the company’s modular approach to the technology to scale and build projects cost effectively even in remote locations and de-risking the projects by using the biggest and best suppliers of equipment in the world.

The Utilitas team have scoped a 13MW/$55m pipeline of Organic Energy projects in Australia, designed 6 projects and have two projects which are construction ready (200kWe and 380kWe both in Queensland).

Utilitas is looking to raise up to $1m to put on the key people and unleash the potential of the pipeline of projects they have scoped.


To download a copy of the Utilitas Limited investment prospectus visit www.utilitas.com.au   or to receive a hard copy phone 07 3188 9077.